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Set Your Coffee-Scripts to Stun

27 Decenber 2013

After reviewing several HTML5 game engines, I've decided to spend some time with Phaser. My primary consideration has to be gameplay, and after trying a bunch of demos, I felt that Phaser was one of the top contenders. With comparable gameplay, I next looked at the development environment and framework.

Here is why I like Phaser:
  • No special workbench is needed. My favorite editor will work, as well as the one I happen to be using.
  • Cross platform on the dev side. I use Linux.
  • Ecma standard script - not ActionScript or anything else, but real javascript.
  • Agnostic oop - I'm not forced into any class patterns.
Best of all, due to those last two points, Phaser is compatible with coffee-script. As my tag cloud tells me, that is my favorite topic,  so with a bit of playing around, I ported this tutorial to coffee-script.

At the moment, there is a workaround patch needed for coffee-script classes to work. This could be fixed in an upcoming release, but for now we need to ensure that the prototype.constructor is set:

Now the code - this is just the final listing from the demo:

Lastly, compile to javascript for use in your html. While you can use coffee-script on the browser side, it impacts load time.
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