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Magic Coffee

8 November 2013

One pattern that I wanted to implement for exspresso is used in php frameworks,  wherein PHP Magic is used redirect missing property or method references back to the main controller. For an example, take a look at this CodeIgniter Model class.

PHP magic uses __get, _set, and __call. These work much like Ruby's missing_method, and it would be nice to use the same kind of 'magic' in coffeescript, which means javascript.

So how do I implement this in javascript? Catching missing method exceptions won't be scalable. I need to find a different path to the same ends. I know that javascript gives me a different way to trap a missing method. Whenever a method or property is not found, the prototype chain is searched. Coffeescript uses this to implement class inheritance. I also know that the missing methods we're looking for will all be on the current controller instance.

If I can just insert the controller object into the prototype chain of each child object, I will get the same result. This is a simple version of technique I'm using in exspresso:

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