Data Hammer

DataHammer BETA

When you sell your phone, be sure to protect your privacy. Don't leave any personal data behind.

After a factory reset, install and run Data Hammer - smash your data, not your phone!

Data Hammer is fast and easy to use. It shreds, or overwrites your unused storage with random data, so it can't be undeleted.


Isn't it enough to run the factory reset?
No, commercially available un-delete software can recover this data.
Can I run other programs while Data Hammer is running?
It's not a good idea. Data Hammer is resource intensive. Other programs may act flakey or crash, but they will work fine after Data Hammer completes.
How long does Data Hammer take to run?
Mileage will vary. It takes about 1 minute per gb of free data on my Nexus4. If your screen is off when DataHammer is finished, it will try to flash an LED.
Can I stop and restart Data Hammer?
Yes. You can stop Data Hammer from the task switcher and restart. When restarted, it will pick up where it left off.
What if I don't want to restart Data Hammer?
You'll need to release storage that has been shredded. In Settings>Apps>DataHammer, click on 'Clear data'.
What versions is Data Hammer compatible with?
While it's designed to run on Froyo forwards, Data Hammer has been tested on handsets running KitKat and Jellybean. There is a list here of tested devices

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Data Hammer is free and open source.

Please report all issues with Data Hammer